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Palpation Cage

At Bad Cattle Panels, our palpation cage is ideal for AI ing and Preg. testing cattle. It is constructed of 2 11 gauge tubing. It has access doors on each side. The access doors close off the alley when opened inward. The palpation cage has an adjustable alley frame on the back. Our palpation cages also have an optional split door. The lower door swings inward to prevent cattle movement in the chute and prevent kicking. The upper door swings outward. The palpation cage with optional split door has an adjustable sliding alley gate on the back.

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Product Description Price
Palpation Cage with Full doors
76 tall frame, 36 wide x 36 long
7' 6" Palpation cage with Optional split doors and sliding alley gate
76 tall frame, 36 wide x 36 long $700
  Delivery and setup is available, but not included in the price.  
  Rated "T" for Tough