Bad Cattle Panels Thomasville Georgia


Close Up Sweep

Bad Cattle Sweeps move cattle into the chute with less stress and human contact. The sweep gate self- latches as the gate is moved forward. A 20ft alley makes cattle move easier from the cattle sweep to the chute. Bad Cattle Panels are used to construct the alley. The Adjustable Sliding Alley Gates control the flow and the direction of cattle.

Bad Cattle Sweeps are easily assembled. A 9/16 wrench is required to attach the bottom and top brace bars.

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The Bad Cattle Sweep and chute pictured is composed of 1- left turn 180 degree 10' Cattle Sweep, 4 - 10' x 6' Bad Cattle Panels, and 2 - Adjustable Alley Gates.
Product Description Price
10ft Cattle Sweep 180 Degree $1950.00
10ft Cattle Sweep 360 Degree $2200.00
Options Load out Gate, 4ft Gate $185.00
Off side load out Gate, 180 degree only, 8ft Gate $275.00


Close Up Alley | Alley Shute

The width of the alley frames and alley gates are adjustable from 21 to 31. The alley gate rolls on heavy duty rollers in a 14 gauge track. The alley gate track is 7ft tall.

Product Description Price
Adjustable Alley Frame 21" - 31" Width and 7ft Tall $125.00
Adjustable Alley Gate 21" - 31" Width and 7ft Tall, 2" pressure treated lumber $375.00

Delivery and setup is available, but not included in the price.
Rated "T" For Tough